Milton (Mickey) Bernard Oberman, December 27, 2009
Islamic Incompetence accepeted by news media.

As a frequent user of Photo editing software I am aware how easy it is to manipulate an image. Any rank amateur such as myself can do a far better job than the Arabs who so earnestly try to falsify information in order to malign Israel. The news media that use these easily spotted, falsified photos are just as guilty as the forgers.

Wayne Gant, September 9, 2009
Anyone who tampers with evidence in a crime would go to jail. Treat these photographers just like any other criminal.
These news people, or photographers should have charges filed on them for giving wrong information for there benefit. This information is too vital to the human race for some media to falsely report to us the American people, and the world. This is unexceptable and they should be punished for fraud. If someone tampers with evidence in a crime they would go to jail.

, 24/8/2006
More Pulitizer Seeking than anything else
I saw a piece of CNN about the first photo over the weekend. However, I hadn't seen the others. It doesn't surprise me though. Here's the thing though. I worked in the former Yugoslavia in the mid 1990's as a journalist. I saw this kind of thing happen. These photographers aren't as interested in promoting Hezbollah's cause as they are in advancing their own careers. Dramatic pictures like that win prizes and awards, like the Pulitzer. That means big money and even bigger assignments within their own profession. I honestly believe that it is more likely that they are thinking about their own self-interest rather than advancing the greater geo-political cause of Islamic fascism and encouraging anti-Israeli feeling. Granted, that it's a wrong, unwanted, and unnecessary byproduct. It's only I think it is a much more crass, self-centered, personal motivation for financial/professional gain than part of any orchestrated anti-Israeli campaign. At the most fundamental level, it's about journalist ethics, not politics or religion.

Gail Johnson, 23/8/2006

I enjoy your site.

Allan O Johnson, 22/8/2006

Finally some truth!!

Michael, 21/8/2006
And it is the American liberal media that allows this to happen. The media are not friends of the Israel or the Armed forces of the great U.S.A. fighting a war against terror. The Arabs do no wrong according to the media.

Anonymous, 21/8/2006
1st of all, i believe that REuters is from a country that supported Israel in the war, so i dont think that it will favor lebanese misery over Israelian one. Secondly, those pictures may not be real but that doesnt change the fact that thousands of lebanese died in this war which oustands by far the number of dead in Israel!! not to forget that the South Lebanon is nothing more than ruins today....

Anonymous, 20/8/2006
manipulative and deceptive
I think that reporters who manipulate and deliberately mislead the public should be fired. I find it disgusting that the liberal media outlets are consistently misrepresenting the facts. The liberals always are on the terrorist's side! How could anyone sympathize with a bloodthirsty terrorist group like Hezbollah?! I find it disturbing that some people in America sympathize with Hezbollah. Israel is always made out to be the nation in the wrong. Israel must keep fighting. Israel is the land of God's chosen people, and that nation has every right to defend itself. I pray that the LORD will protect His people there!

Michael Miramontes, 20/8/2006
Truth: Is it safe?
All truth is safe and nothing else is safe; and he who keeps back the truth, or withholds it from men, from motives, or expediency, is either a coward or a criminal or both. There are those...who tolerate everything because they believe nothing, therefore let us remember; people cannot change truth, but truth can change people. The news media is so quick to sell out their principles, they fail to recognize that the world knows they are morally bankrupt. The use of doctored pictures is nothing new for we still remember when NBC participated in fraud when they rigged tests of GM trucks and their gas tanks. The fact that CNN was caught, just proves how biased they are against Israel. Where are their retractions or apologies? They are like CBS for it was the bloggers who caught them and may be sorry, not because they committed a moral wrong, but because they were caught. It's too bad they are void of virture for they cannot withstand the highest bidder. Remember, one may be better than his reputation, but never better than his principles. Obviously they have none. Need we say more?

Colin McLaren, 20/8/2006
Comment on John's comment 8/19/2006
Did your IQ drop dramatically while you were watching this video or due you even have one above 1. This woman was staged, there was no suffering by this woman. More than likely niether dwelling were even hers at all. And where is your comment on the hezbollah about them staging this "suffering of a human being" for a photographer so they could lie about what's really happening there or in your words 'to make a political point'. It's stupid people like you that don't think first that these photo's are aimed at. START YOUR BRAIN BEFORE PUTTING YOUR MOUTH IN GEAR. Jeees, I get tired of your kind.

John, 19/8/2006
false reporting
I think it's sick that would show the photos of that Lebanese woman in their video. It's one thing to point out some discrepancies in the photos of a major news outlet; it's quite another to exploit the suffering of a human being to make a political point. should focus more on the story and less on the trivial details. The fact that Reuters doctored some of their photos is secondary to the fact that there was immense destruction inflicted during the war. Half a million refugees were displaced on both sides. Israel had a ten-to-one kill ratio: ten Lebanese were killed for every Israeli killed. That's the reality of the war. Get it straight.

Anonymous, 16/8/2006
A demonstration that Terrorists cannot be trusted
I have long known the kind of people in Lebanon who hold that the destruction of Israel is more important than the truth. The truth is inconvienient to the spread of Islam, and so this distortion of it does not surprise me. I wish that our Western news outlets would notice this kind of thing though. It saddens me that there can never be justice or stability for the Muslims in Lebanon, West Bank, and Gaza because they hold too much hatred of their neighbors to care about truth, honor, or peace. May Israel find in itself the strength to stand against Muslim murderers and Muslim lies.

ross, 16/8/2006
A grain of truth smotherd with lies
The manufacturing and enhancing of pictures is demostration of a lack of ethics that sadly I now expect from almost all media outlets. Thank you for this interesting article

ray, 15/8/2006

addition at end:you won't find the human rights group attacking Hizbulla over their "war crimes" against civilians.

Vicki, 15/8/2006
Thank you for the articles
I really like readings from this website. While Your website does a good job of writing articles with honesty and insight. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous, 14/8/2006
wish you Israeal cleaan Hizbelhh from Lebanon
well done youe explenation re meadia frud

Anonymous, 14/8/2006
can i ask a question?rnt u ashamed from what u r just saying?r u trying to say...that the lebanese ...those ppl whos being attacked by the israeli planes all overy the day..r going to fake pics?and pose like dead?i just dont know what r u saying?r u just serious?GIVE ME A BREAK

Anonymous, 14/8/2006
Thanks for setting the record straight.
Glad to see that you are able to show the deception practiced by so many of the so called news agencies.

alan, 13/8/2006
worth reading
should be on CNNInternational to counter their anti-Israel/anti-semetic propaganda!

JT, 13/8/2006
Twisted Media
It's the media again making the bad guys look like victims and the good guys (military and police) look like the suspects. Why they need to twist the truth is beyond me. Just show and report what is actually happening.

Brad Neufeld, 13/8/2006
Photo Fraud in Lebanon -- Woman
After seeing your video titled "Photo Fraud in Lebanon", I was shocked to see (what I believe to be) the very same woman in the most recent print edition of Macleans magazine in Canada. The August 14, 2006 edition has an article written by Barbara Amiel titled "Hezbollah give up its arms? Is the tooth fairy real?" at page 9. Inset in the print edition ONLY is an AFP photo credited to Anwar Amro in which a woman holds a gun in each hand standing in front of a Hezbolla flag. Her resemblance to the woman shown in the Photo Fraud video is uncanny. While I do not have the expertise to prove that this is the same woman, I thought your office might want to investigate this further. The caption under the photo reads: "Hezbollah Supporter: not as 'foggy' as the EU".

Anonymous, 13/8/2006
Massive counter publicity required
Israel must massively counter the malicious,exagerated and fraudulent "news" in all possible media around the world as arabs and other countries do.It is true that when you repeat a lie enouh times it becomes true to the public(even to the authorities and people who know better.There are expert in this area.Israel must jump ahead of these lies and create a matrix of opinion in the world favorable to itself,agresively,macciavelicaly.How to make this comment reach the agencies in Israel and the States that can do something about it?I have lived in my own experience this convincing the public with lies in a very skillfull and terrible way in Venezuela.The batle has to be faught in this area stratigacaly too!